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Submit Data to FCA

FCS institutions may submit data to FCA through the FCS Data Portal, a secure data submission portal. Institutions submit two types of data through this portal: CRS and E-data. You must have an account in order to use the portal. Each FCS account has a CRS role, an E-data role, or both.

The CRS Role
Individuals who hold FCS accounts with the CRS data role have privilege to update the Directory Profile for their institutions and to submit CRS data.

When submitting CRS reports, FCS institutions must use the submission files provided quarterly by FCA. Contact April Davis if you have any questions about the data submission process.

For guidance in preparing the Call Report, institutions may refer to the online Uniform Call Report Instruction Manual.

CRS data include the following:

 •  Annual Meeting Information Statement  •  Mission Related Investments Report
 •  Annual Report  •  Notice of Significant or Material Event
 •  Appendix D  •  OMB Budget Report
 •  Call Report  •  Other CRS Correspondence
 •  Call Report Addenda  •  PCR Noncompliance Notice
 •  FAMC Debt, Derivatives, Liquidity Report  •  Quarterly Report
 •  FAMC RBCST  •  Supplemental Call Report
 •  FAMC SEC-Treasury Correspondence  •  Syndication/Assignment Study Report
 •  Government Guaranteed Loans  •  YBS Farmers Data

The E-Data Role
E-data are data that FCA examiners request from FCS institutions during examinations. Individuals who hold accounts with the E-data role may submit E-data for their institutions. E-data include the following:

 •  Audit Reports  •  Management Reports – Credit
 •  Board/Committee Meeting Materials  •  Management Reports - Finance
 •  Criminal Referrals  •  Management Reports - IT
 •  District Reports  •  Management Reports - Other
 •  Enforcement and Supervision  •  Planning Documents
 •  Human Resource Documents  •  Policies and Procedures
 •  Legal Documents  

FCS Accounts
If you forget your password, please visit FCA’s Self-Service Password Management Portal. Note: You must have previously enrolled your account in this service in order to use it.

If you are an FCS employee and need to create an account with FCA in order to submit data, please complete and submit the Account Request form to the FCA Helpline.

If you wish to delete an account, submit the Account Deletion form to the FCA Helpline.

Technical assistance with account issues is available through the FCA Helpline:

Hours of Operation: 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. (ET)
Phone: 1-877-322-4503
E-mail: FCA Helpline