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Meet Our Employees

In their travels to college campuses, FCA staff members are repeatedly asked what examiners do in a “typical” day, as well as what training and promotion opportunities new examiners can expect.

To help answer these questions, we asked several current employees, ranging from associate examiners to management-level employees, to describe their work experiences at FCA. These are real employees, and their accounts are in their own words.

Reading the stories below will give you a fuller understanding of the commissioning process and of the many opportunities and career paths available at FCA.

Michael Anderson

Michael Anderson, Program Manager, Operations Risk Program, Denver

"You can pretty much go exactly where you want to go in this organization. I like to be involved in projects and assignments, and FCA has provided me with the opportunity to be fully engaged in something beyond just my own job."


Deanna Block

Deanna Block, Examiner, Sacramento

"One of the biggest benefits of working at FCA is that it's a small agency. That allows you to not only make a lot of friends but to see what everyone is working on. You get an idea of where you want to take your career and what projects or assignments you want to get involved with."


Robin Boston

Robin Boston, Examiner, Denver

"When you begin working at FCA, you start with a hiring class, and you go through the training together as an entire group. It's a collaborative atmosphere and a great learning experience."


Alex Buckley

Alex Buckley, Associate Examiner, Dallas

"In our communication training, we’re given practice in asking tough questions, dealing with different opinions with staff at associations — like about rating the riskiness of a loan — and also at the agency. I’ve really improved at dealing with uncomfortable news.”

Gina Chmielewski

Gina Chmielewski, Examiner, Sacramento

"What we do as examiners is make sure that institutions operate in a safe and sound manner so they are around for the communities they serve…. A lot of times federal employees get a bad rap. It's nice to say we are doing something with a purpose; we are not just there for paperwork."


Patrick Fairchild

Patrick Fairchild, Examiner, Senior Credit Risk Specialist, Bloomington

"Probably the best aspect about working for FCA is the staff and team philosophy. There are always staff members available who are willing to help you succeed."

Morgan Littleton

Morgan Littleton, Associate Examiner, McLean

"I was surprised at the world of opportunity here. I’ve had conversations with people who’ve been here quite a few years and they say the training and classes never stop. The sky’s the limit for an examiner."

Michelle McCann

Michelle McCann, Examiner, McLean

"One of the things I like about this job is there isn't a typical day. We do a lot of different things depending on whether we are on-site or in the office."



Lun Nguyen

Lun Nguyen, Examiner, Bloomington

"Getting to work with a lot of different people is the fun part of the job. Every exam you're on, you're doing something different, working with different people."

Tuyen Pham

Tuyen Pham, Examiner, IT Risk Specialist, Dallas

"One of the reasons I have stayed at FCA for so long is because my personal life has changed with marriage, family, and young kids, and FCA has been very accommodating and family-friendly."


Jarvis Tillman

Jarvis Tillman, Examiner, McLean

"FCA has this philosophy that no matter what you don't know, we're going to teach you everything we know. The staff goes through all these steps to get you on the same level as everybody else. Nobody is left behind."

Jarvis Tillman

Brianna Tomlinson, Examiner, Denver

"One of the best things about working at FCA is knowing that we play an important role in agriculture and in providing safe and sound credit to farmers and ranchers across the U.S. It’s rewarding to see the role we play in the big picture."

Ashley Waldron

Ashley Waldron, Examiner, Dallas

"I love the travel. I've seen lots of different parts of the country that I would probably never have otherwise seen."



Tiffany Wayland

Tiffany Wayland, Associate Examiner, McLean

"Sometimes I stop and think, ‘This is amazing because two years ago, I wouldn’t have been able to do that.’"



Craig Wondra

Craig Wondra, Senior Examiner, Bloomington

"It's rewarding to work with new employees and see them learn and grow in their roles and get commissioned. It's also rewarding to see institutions take measures to become safer and stronger."

Page updated August 23, 2017